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We manage your IT resources and your recruitment processes. Our efficiency and customers back us. We know what your company needs to succeed. We find your IT resources in an average of less than five days.


At Befree we do the work for you.

We are Befree

We offer IT resource management services for your company. We have been working in the sector for more than 20 years, successfully connecting companies and IT professionals.

We are specialised in the Iberian SAP consultants market (Spain and Portugal). Hire the best IT talent at the best price!

We know how to work on tight economic margins and we only charge for success: your achievements are ours.

We are committed to a model based on personalised attention and feedback. Our recruitment team will work side by side with you. At Befree your needs will always be covered.

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What do we offer at Befree?


Tell us about your staffing needs and our specialised recruiters will search for and find the consultant you are looking for quickly and confidentially. We have a list of nearly 10,000 expert IT professionals. We have the ideal profile that your company needs. We manage your recruiting processes with a six-month guarantee and we only charge our commission on success.

Outsourcing of resources

The world of work is moving towards freelance work, a model with more flexible arrangements and experts to help you with one-off tasks. According to Eurostats, more than 25% of workers in the EU are freelancers, and the trend continues to rise. At Befree we are experts in freelance recruitment. Avoid any legal problems by outsourcing your resources through Befree.

In-company training

IT tools require continuous learning. In addition, the development of HANA forces SAP professionals to reinvent themselves. Keep your consultants up to date with our expert in-company training. We are partners of several official SAP masters. At Befree you can train your staff with the best IT consultants on the market.

We work so that you don't

We are witnessing a crisis in the IT market. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find not only the right consultant, but consultants in general. At Befree we have anticipated this.

We handle your recruiting process so that you can focus on your core tasks. We know how to talk to IT consultants and what they need to work well.

Recruiting an IT expert is a long and complicated process. Knowing the industry is an indispensable factor. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know all the ins and outs of the industry like the back of our hand.

We work with the best job platforms: ZTalent, Infojobs, Glassdoor, Indeed, Eurojobs, Monster… We centralise all offers in one place. Our IT consultants have been evaluated and accepted by our recruiters. At Befree you will save yourself the time-consuming task of searching and finding the IT expert you need.

Befree experiences

Luis Paredes (OTC Coordinator at Beam Suntory)

"We can focus on more strategic aspects of our business because Befree helps us with the selection process".

Lorena Maldonado (CEO at CSDV)

"Our company constantly needs highly specialised IT profiles. Befree saves us the work and time of finding them".

Jesús Angulo (CEO of GNERA Group)

"I would do an implementation project again by combining our in-house consultants with Befree's specialists. In my opinion it is the most efficient option on the market"

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