BEFREE CONSULTORES INFORMÁTICOS S.L., a company with registered office at Calle López de Hoyos, 42, 28006 Madrid, with CIF number B83269118, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, Volume 17.589, Folio 30, Book 0, Page n# M-302483, (hereinafter, “BEFREE” or the “Company”), is the owner of this Website www.befree.tech, (hereinafter, the “Website”), the use of which is subject to these General Conditions of Use and Contracting (hereinafter, “General Conditions of Use and Contracting” or “GCCU”) and other legal texts accessible on the Website.


The Website has been created by the BEFREE and its content has an informative nature of the services provided by this Entity, as well as providing users with the information they request through e-mails or forms that may be enabled for this purpose, or the receipt of curriculum vitae, all subject to the policy on data protection and that is detailed in these conditions of use.

The use of The Website implies the acceptance and express recognition of knowing the legal warnings, conditions and terms of use related to it and contained in these GUCC and other legal texts accessible on the Website. The use of the Website implies, therefore, the express acceptance of these regulations, constituting a binding agreement between the User and the BEFREE.

Therefore, we recommend that the User, before making use of the services available on the Website, carefully read these CGUC. In this way, the User must carefully read the General Conditions of Use each time he wishes to access the Website, since it may undergo modifications, the current version being the one published at any time.

Without prejudice to the costs of access and connection to the Internet, which in any case are beyond the control of BEFREE, the use of the Website will be free.

For the purposes of these GUCC and other legal texts accessible on the Website, the following terms will have the following meaning:

  • Responsability” means liability within or due to any type of claim action (including breach of contract, tort, misrepresentation, return or any other cause) relative, derived from or in connection with this Agreement (including liability expressly provided by this Agreement or derived from the invalidity or unenforceability of any term of this Agreement). For the use of this definition, all references to the “Agreement” shall be deemed to include any ancillary contracts.
  • Users” (of the website): Any natural person who browses and / or uses the services or facilities offered by the website.
  • “Website” refers to Web pages, mobile applications, electronic communications or services, social media pages, or any individual, specific Web page from a business partner, an entrepreneur, a city, another area that links or refers to these terms of use.
  • “Services” are all the services provided by BEFREE through the Website (or via electronic communications, or others, from BEFREE).
  • “Site”: means the website whose address is www.befree.tech


These GUCC are intended to regulate the conditions of service of the Site www.befree.tech owned by BEFREE. ZTALENT consists of a platform in which the Companies can hire SAP professionals and / or contract the services provided by the COMPANY.

The User declares to know and accept, without reservation or exception, each and every one of the GUCC that are set out in this document. In this way, Users who use the Website fully accept these CGUC and will be bound by them as they were drawn up at the time of contracting.

BEFREE is able to restructure, modify or eliminate any information, service or content included in the Website, without the need for prior notice.


The Website and our services are intended for professional, commercial and profit-making use by the parties, including BEFREE, unless otherwise stated in writing.

The User can only access the Website through our website www.befree.tech, but not through a robot, spider, offline reader, automatic search / recovery application or other automatic or manual devices, tools , processes of recovery, indexing, data collection of our website, via scraping, spidering or otherwise.

We reserve the right to prohibit the use of the Website and the services (or any part of them) to any User who does not respect or does not comply with these General Conditions or the particular ones that may exist regarding specific services, as well as the one to take legal actions or of any other type to which it had the right for the breach of the same.


BEFREE reserves the right to unilaterally modify the conditions and terms of use of the Website. The entry into force of any modifications to the conditions of use will occur from the moment of their publication on the Website.

Access, navigation and use of the Website is the responsibility of the User, for which reason the User agrees to diligently and faithfully observe any additional instructions given by BEFREE or by its authorized personnel in relation to the use of the Website and its contents. Therefore, the User undertakes to use the contents diligently, correctly and lawfully and, in particular, with an enunciative, but not limiting, nature, undertakes to refrain from:

  • Use the contents, in particular, the information of any kind obtained through the Website, for purposes or effects contrary to the law, morality and generally accepted good customs or public order. For this purpose, the Website reserves the right to prevent or prohibit access to any User who introduces on the Website any content contrary to the applicable regulations or morality, reserving the right to exercise the legal measures it deems appropriate to avoid this type of conduct or as a consequence of it.
  • Violate intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to BEFREE or third parties, and especially, reproduce or copy, distribute, allow public access through any form of public communication, alter, change, modify or adapt the contents of the Website, unless you have the authorization of the owner of the corresponding rights, as well as carry out actions of unfair competition and illegal advertising.
  • Attempt to probe, investigate, analyze, explore or test the vulnerability of the Website or of any system or network related to it or the services, or to break, try to break or avoid any barrier or security or authentication measure.
  • Attempting to decipher, decompile, disassemble or reverse any software engineering used for the proper functioning of the Website and / or the provision of the services and / or products offered through the Website.
  • Interfere with or interrupt the operation of the Website or the servers or networks used to make the Website available; or contravene rules, requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of said networks.
  • Carry out any conduct that may damage, disable, overload or impede, in any way, the normal use of the Website or BEFREE’s computer systems to which access has not been given, as well as well as any act that violates, circumvents or manipulates the terms, mechanics, policies and spirit of the Website.


Without prejudice to what is established in the applicable regulations and in the rest of the clause of these GUCC, BEFREE does not assume any derivative responsibility, by way of example, but not limited to:

  1. Of the use that the User may make of the materials of the Website or link websites, whether prohibited or permitted, in violation of the intellectual and / or industrial property rights of the content of the website or of third parties.
  2. Of the possible damages and losses caused to the Users as a result of a normal or abnormal operation of the search tools, of the organization or location of the contents and / or access to the Website and, in general, of the errors or problems that are generated in the development or instrumentation of the technical elements that the Website or a program provides to the User.
  3. Of the contents of those pages that Users can access from links included in the Website, whether authorized or not, user LinkedIn links included.
  4. Of the acts or omissions of third parties, regardless of whether these third parties could be linked to BEFREE through contractual means.
  5. Of the access of minors to the contents included in the web, being the responsibility of their parents or guardians to exercise adequate control over the activity of the children or minors in their care or to install any of the use control tools of the Internet in order to prevent access to materials or content not suitable for minors, as well as the sending of personal data without the prior authorization of their parents or guardians.
  6. Of failures or incidents that may occur in communications, deletion or incomplete transmissions, so that it is not guaranteed that the Website is constantly operational.
  7. Of the errors or damages produced to the Website due to inefficient use and bad faith by the User.

BEFREE will be liable solely and exclusively for the services it provides itself and for the contents directly originated by the Website itself and identified with its corresponding copyright.

BEFREE has adopted, within its possibilities and the current state of technology, all the necessary measures to guarantee the security and privacy of the Website, as well as the correct functioning of the Website and the products and / or services offered in it. It will not respond when the pertinent security measures are adopted, these were violated by external agents. BEFREE will not be responsible, even indirectly or subsidiary, for any content, information, opinion or manifestation of any kind, originating from the User or third parties or entities on the Website owned by BEFREE.

BEFREE reserves the right to temporarily suspend the Website without prior notice, as long as it is necessary to carry out maintenance, update or service improvement operations. You may also modify the access conditions and / or specific location of the content of the Website, as well as prevent, restrict, block, suppress or withdraw access to services to SAP Professionals and Company Representatives when they do not make a lawful, honest and diligent use of the services provided on the Website.

In the same way, BEFREE may withdraw, block or restrict the use of content entered by third parties that is illegal, constitutes fraud or in any other way that violates current laws or regulations.

BEFREE does not ensure the availability and permanent continuity of the Website due to interruptions, failures, etc., nor will it be liable for damages that may be caused to Users by computer viruses or external agents that third parties may deposit in the the Website or in the electronic documents and files stored in the computer system.

Therefore, and in accordance with what is been stated, BEFREE cannot guarantee, nor will it be responsible for the circumstances detailed below: (i) the invulnerability of the Website and the impregnability of the security measures adopted to prevent the existence of viruses and / or other harmful components on the Website or on the server that supplies it, (ii) the damages caused to the User or to a third party by any person who violates the conditions that BEFREE establishes for the use of the Website or through the violation of the security systems of the same and (iii) the full reliability, usefulness, availability and continuity of the Website.

In the same way, the BEFREE is not responsible:

  • Of the use that the User makes of the services and the contents in contravention of these Conditions and other texts accessible through the Website.
  • Of any action by the User that may involve a violation of any type of national or international norm, of intellectual or industrial property rights or any other right of third parties, or any other norms that may be applicable.
  • Of the possible security errors that could occur due to the fact of using non-updated versions of software or of the consequences derived from the malfunction of your electronic device, either due to improper configuration, presence of viruses or any other cause foreign to BEFREE.
  • Of the contents, whatever they may be, that the User hosts, publishes or stores on the Website, that transmits or disseminates through it, or that it sends to BEFREE or other Users through the Website itself and / or the communication channels available in it.
  • Of service interruptions, delays, errors, malfunction of the Websiteand, in general, of any inconvenience that has its origin in causes beyond the control of BEFREE or in actions or services of third parties outside of BEFREE and / or due to a fraudulent or negligent action by other Users or third parties -attack by hackers, crackers or other third parties to the security or integrity of the computer system-, and / or that originate from Force Majeure.

BEFREE excludes any liability for damages, losses or incidents or inconveniences of any nature that the User or third parties may suffer as a direct or indirect consequence of the actions listed above and, in general, for any action that involves a breach of the provisions of these General Conditions of Use and other legal texts accessible on the Website.


BEFREE reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the Website, as well as the General Contract Conditions and other legal texts accessible on the Website. Users will always have these General Conditions of Use on the Website, and must read them carefully each time they access the Website. In any case, the acceptance of the General Conditions of Use, in force at all times, will be a prior and indispensable step to the contracting of any product and / or service available through the Website, so that the modifications that BEFREE may introduce, will not apply if they have not been previously accepted by the User.

Likewise, BEFREE has the right to carry out, during defined time intervals, promotional campaigns to promote the registration of new members in its service. BEFREE reserves the right, always in compliance with the applicable regulations, to modify the conditions of application of the promotions, to extend them by duly communicating it, or to proceed to the exclusion of any of the participants of the promotion in the event of detecting any anomaly, abuse or unethical behavior in their participation.


The texts and graphic elements (design, logos, source code and other analogues) that make up the Website and disseminated through it, as well as their presentation and assembly, are the exclusive property of BEFREE , who retains all rights of industrial and intellectual property including those related to software, or BEFREE has the necessary licenses and / or authorizations from the holders of said rights on the aforementioned texts and graphic elements to make use of them.

All trade names, trademarks or distinctive signs, logos, symbols, mixed, figurative or nominative trademarks that appear on the Website, belong to BEFREE or else it has, with prior authorization, the right to use them and is They are in any case protected by current legislation in this regard.

The download and use by the User of the Website does not imply in any case the cession, resignation or transmission, in whole or in part, by BEFREE or by other third party holders of the corresponding intellectual and industrial property rights. BEFREE informs that, under no circumstances, the User may make a use or use of the website and the application and its contents and services that is not exclusively personal. The use, under any modality, of all or part of the content of the Website, for purposes that are not strictly personal, is subject to the need to request prior written authorization from BEFREE and / or legitimate third party owners and the acceptance of the corresponding license.

The User acknowledges and accepts that the elements and rights of intellectual, industrial or other property (including without limitation any copyright, patents, trademarks, designs, photographs, images and source codes) related to the Website to which they can access are exclusive property of BEFREE.

In accordance with the foregoing, the User agrees to respect the intellectual and industrial property rights of the Website. Any type of exploitation is prohibited, including any type of reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation and any transmission, assignment, sale, rental to third parties, through any type of support and medium currently known or that will be invented in the future, of the aforementioned works, creations and distinctive signs, without prior and express authorization from the BEFREE or their respective owners.

As an exception to the foregoing, BEFREE allows the User to use, print, download and save the contents and elements included in the Website for their personal, private and non-profit use, provided that the origin and author of the same is shown. and that, where appropriate, the copyright symbol and Befree logo appear.

BEFREE reserves the right to take legal action or of any other type to which it has the right against Users who violate or infringe their intellectual and industrial property rights.


Linked sites

BEFREE is not responsible in any way for those contents, commercial activities, and information that could be viewed through electronic links (links), directly or indirectly, through the Website, since their function is solely the to inform the User about the existence of other sources of information on specific issues. BEFREE will not be in any way responsible for the result obtained through said links, for the veracity and legality of the content or information that can be accessed or for the consequences arising from access by Users to them.


BEFREE is not responsible for the data processing carried out by third parties that establish hyperlinks on the Website or for those responsible to whom through hyperlinks they refer the Users website. The User and, in general, any natural or legal person that intends to establish a hyperlink or technical link device (for example, links or buttons) from its website to the Website (the “Hyperlink”) must obtain prior authorization and in writing from BEFREE.

The establishment of the hyperlink does not imply in any case the existence of a relationship between BEFREE and the owner of the Website where the Hyperlink is established, nor the acceptance or approval by BEFREE of its contents or services.

In any case, BEFREE reserves the right to prohibit or disable any hyperlink to the Website at any time, especially in cases of illegality of the activity or contents of the Website in which the hyperlink is included.


BEFREE does not assume any responsibility for the comments and opinions that SAP Professionals and Company Representatives make or receive on, or through the functionalities specifically enabled for this purpose on the Website, or through the forum. Said comments and opinions in no case represent BEFREE or reflect its opinion, and, therefore, BEFREE excludes any type of responsibility in this regard.

BEFREE informs the User that they must respect the following basic rules in order to maintain their status as a User of the Website:

  • Comments that may be considered defamatory, humiliating, insulting, insulting, obscene or contrary to the law, public order or the most basic rules of coexistence and respect, or that use profane and disrespectful language will not be accepted.
  • Comments must be respectful of people’s dignity and may not contain words or expressions that directly or indirectly encourage, promote or incite hatred, hostility, discrimination or violence for reasons related to ideology, religion or beliefs, family situation, belonging to an ethnic group, race or nation, national origin, for reasons of gender, sexual orientation or identity, or illness or disability.
  • Comments may not include threats, insults, or attacks, personal to other Users, nor will comments that apologize for any other type of violence be accepted.
  • Comments that are intended to freely defame or non-objectively harm the reputation, good name, and brand of the Users or of BEFREE or third parties will not be accepted.
  • Comments that violate the intellectual property rights of BEFREE, or the rest of the Users, or repeated messages in order to spam or invasive advertising of any User, brand or website will not be accepted.
  • Comments that include personal or private information of other Users will not be accepted.
  • Comments that constitute a method of advertising for profit, or links that divert traffic to another website or promotion will not be accepted.

BEFREE reserves the right to control, before publication, the content of the comments and opinions made through or on the Website, and to eliminate all those that, in its opinion, do not comply with the provisions in these General Conditions of Use, and in particular, to the provisions of the Opinions and Comments Policy


BEFREE fully aware of the use and treatment that should be given to personal data and by virtue of the existing legal regulations in this regard, has implemented within its organization a system to preserve security, integrity and confidentiality of the data considered as personal.

To access some of the services that BEFREE offers through the Website, the User must provide personal data, which will be treated in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 regarding the protection of natural persons in what Regarding the processing of personal data and the free circulation of these data (hereinafter, “RGPD”), and other regulations regarding the protection of personal data that are in force at the time.

For this, in addition to fully complying with each and every one of the requirements set forth in the RGPD, it guarantees not only legal but fair use of personal data, as well as an adequate system to exercise the rights of information, access, rectification, deletion, limitation of treatment, portability and opposition provided in the RGPD.

Users may exercise any of their rights by writing to BEFREE, at its registered office or at info@befree.tech, proving their identity.

BEFREE makes available to Users clear and complete information about the Privacy Policy, which can be consulted on the Website.

Access to the Website implies the use of cookies. BEFREE makes clear and complete information about the use of cookies available to Users, which can be consulted in the Website.


The terms and conditions that govern the Website and all the relationships that may arise from the use and / or registration in it are governed by Spanish legislation.

Any controversy that may arise from the access or use of this the Website and / or its services is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the corresponding Spanish judges and courts in accordance with the applicable regulations in each case.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the User, if he is a natural person, may opt for an out-of-court resolution of the dispute in relation to the acquisition of the Products, through the alternative online dispute resolution platform through https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr.


For any information that the User requests about the characteristics of the services offered through the Website, as well as to inform BEFREE of any type of incident or claim, you should only write to the email address: info@befree.tech, through which BEFREE will contact the User as soon as possible, or through the following contact number: 91 361 25 70.