Work on cutting-edge and well-paid projects.


The IT market is moving towards freelance work. More and more people are opting for this model: remote projects, international projects, projects of variable duration…

At Befree we think of you and we adjust to your needs. We offer you outstanding IT projects so that you can choose when and how to work.

The model of the future

Over the last few years, freelance employment has soared. Today, 25% of EU workers are freelancers, and 50% of companies have hired at least one freelancer in the last five years.

Reinvent yourself or die. Freelance work offers great opportunities: work when and where you wish, remotely or in the office, on the projects and companies you choose and for as long as you want.

At Befree we control the freelance market. We collaborate with leading companies and projects in the IT sector and offer you the best jobs.

Talk to us and tell us your idea!


We know how to solve your problems

Projects and payments

A freelancer can only develop their skills and talents in the right environment. We have the IT project you are looking for. At Befree you will work with leading companies in more than 20 countries.


We have been collaborating with freelance IT consultants for 20 years. We know getting paid and getting paid on time worry you. Here, all those problems will disappear. We are committed to finding you reliable and secure projects. In addition, we only charge 10% commission to employers, not to you.


At Befree, your success is our success.

Day-to-day management

IT freelancers must deal with human problems that constantly arise in their day-to-day work and cause them major headaches: communication with the company, lack of clear guidelines, negotiation of the agreement…


Befree’s working model is characterised by an honest commitment to personalised attention and feedback. Our recruitment team will always be at your disposal to listen to you and solve all your problems: advance payments, loan of material…


We will talk to the companies to optimise your situation.

Befree experiences

Cristina Gil (Spain)

"I am a big fan of Befree, I really like the way they deal with me. I recommend it to anyone who wants to work as a SAP freelancer in Spain"

Manuel Miranda (Portugal)

"The service I get from Befree allows me to focus on my work without being distracted by anything else. It's very convenient to be a freelancer here"

Jorge Calderón (Spain)

"Finding projects is sometimes difficult, but Befree has always found me work when I've needed it"

At Befree you will never be a number

We know that freelance consultants can sometimes feel lonely. However, at Befree this will not happen to you.

We are committed to a close relationship with our consultants. We will follow up with you individually and manage your day-to-day problems.

At Befree we are a family of more than 5000 consultants. Be part of the largest IT community and come to our events, parties and meetings!

And even if you telecommute, we’ll still be with you! We’ll provide you with a Microsoft Teams account and a Befree corporate email to stay connected at all times.