4 tips for negotiating your contract if you are a freelancer

Actualidad May 13, 2022

One of the most important stages of becoming a freelancer is negotiating your contract. It may not seem like it is often considered a fundamental part of a freelancer’s working life, but it’s absolutely essential to know how to do it.

While the art of negotiation is not an exact science, there are a number of recommendations and tips that can be of great help to you. In this Befree blog post we will discuss four of them to help you succeed when negotiating your freelance contract.

1- Study the first meeting well

Just as you wouldn’t go on a car journey without having checked the route beforehand, you shouldn’t go to a meeting without having done a little research. Gather all the information you find on their social networks, in the press or on their website. It will also help you keep up to date with what’s new in your sector. Understanding your market will give you an advantage in your business negotiations.

Find out about the company that wants to hire you or where you want to work. Superficial information such as its year of foundation, the name of its CEO, or some aspects of its history can help you to get an idea about it. Also, if you show it at the meeting, you will make a good impression on the company.

It is a good idea to make a list of your points and be prepared to defend your position. Keeping in mind the intention of the interlocutor, you should be clear about what you are looking for. Use a script to prepare for your interview. You must be prepared to step up to the plate and not be dwarfed. Otherwise, it is very likely that the other person will try to negotiate downwards.

2- Draw your red lines

There will inevitably come a point in the meeting when you have to say yes and give in. It is most likely that your interests will not always coincide with those of the contracting party. Therefore, the best way to prevent and anticipate this is to stop and weigh where you are willing to go and where you are not.

Set realistic goals to achieve. Negotiating your contract is also about knowing which aspects are needs and which are wants. Differentiating the possible from the unattainable will make you more prepared when you meet with your client. Learn to detect what goals and objectives you can achieve in order not to lose credibility in the negotiation.

3- Prepare your fee proposal

Have you tried DIY contracts? Having one or more prepared will save you time and worries in the future. But doing so requires attention and time so as not to, shall we say, procrastinate. A good practice is to rely on a lawyer to give you a hand in drafting the contract.

Write in a practical way and reread carefully what you have put down to prevent mistakes. Use short sentences and try to stay away from lawyerly expressions. Number the paragraphs so that they are easy to find. Define the important words, either in a separate section or using a parenthesis.

Here is a link to this article from Read it for more tips and advice on DIY contracts.

4- Give importance to your staging

To negotiate your freelance contract successfully, you need to have a clear idea of the services you offer and your rates. Not only that: you also need to know how to display them properly. A PowerPoint presentation, a portfolio, a detailed profile or a website will give your commercial offer the necessary credibility.

On the other hand, personal image is a must. Companies demand advanced IT skills, and showing yourself as an expert will help you stand out from the crowd. Specialise to stand out as a freelancer. Figures show that there are more opportunities for experts who can inspire more confidence in their potential clients.

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