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Apps for freelancers: four must-haves

Actualidad February 25, 2022

For a freelancer, who has to manage and take care of everything personally, any help is welcome. Over time, everyone manages to develop a roadmap, shortcuts and tricks to make the task easier. However, there’s always room for improvement, especially now that new technologies are gaining momentum.

One example is apps. Although a large number of them are intended to make us have a good time or a good laugh, another considerable number were born to make our day-to-day tasks easier. In this week’s Befree blog post we talk about the four best apps for freelancers. Stay and discover tools that will simplify any task!

1- Toggl

Time flies. It seems that the days last half the 24 hours that the clocks tell us. Thousands of tasks to do and only time for some of them. Since the solution we would all like is not possible – freezing time or turning back time – we must manage the time we have as best we can. One of the best freelance apps for this problem is Toggl.

The most necessary of all apps for freelancers is a time counter. It measures exactly how long each of the tasks you register in the application has taken you. To start doing it, just hit ‘play’ that will appear on the screen. Toggl will ask us for a name for the task, and will provide us with a ‘pause’ button to indicate when we have finished. We can also use this app to think about how we should invoice our work.

The best thing about this application is that it has a computer version for MacOs, Windows and Linux. In addition, it is also possible to download an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. This way, you will be able to use one of the best freelance apps from any device.

2- Fintonic

If time is a key factor in the work of a freelancer, money is by no means left behind. In the end it’s all about getting as much as possible, whether you love your work or not. And keeping track of your income, your expenses and your account balance is a must.

One of the best freelance apps to help with this task is Fintonic. This application allows you to check and control all transactions made with the account associated with your business. In addition, you can check your solvency and your possibilities in case you want to apply for a loan, as well as look at a prediction to anticipate your future expenses.

On the other hand, Fintonic will never access any of your cards or your bank accounts if you do not allow it, so you can rest assured. As they made clear in this article, Fintonic is not a scam, and it will go as far as you let it.

3- WhatsApp Business

New technologies have revolutionized the ways of communicating. In the case of the business sector, the arrival of the pandemic and the global confinement in the year 2020 ended up unbalancing the balance. Emails and instant messaging services are the new paradigm of the customer-business relationship.

Not only for companies, but also for freelancers. One of the best apps for freelancers in this regard is WhatsApp Business. This variant of the conventional WhatsApp makes it possible to separate social and work-related conversations. The reliability and simplicity of the green app has been transported to its business version. Thus, no user has any problems using it.

As we mentioned earlier, separating private life from work life is an indispensable task. Establishing a clear boundary between the two worlds is absolutely necessary, especially for freelancers, who have to take care of everything personally. Thus, we recommend an app known to all but modified to be more useful.

4- Evernote

The pen and paper, and even the post-it notes, have always been faithful helpers. They are always available and never complain about anything. We have to thank them for their service during all this time. And, although it would not be fair to abandon them and forget about them, it is time to take a step forward.

This step is called Evernote. It is one of the best apps for taking notes on the mobile, one of the most organized and easy to use. The notes are archived in different notebooks, which we can create and rename to our liking. Another good way to differentiate between personal life and work. In addition, Evernote is designed to be able to include files such as images and documents in your notes to make the information more complete.

Finally, one of the best additions to this app is its scanner. You will be able to capture photographs, handwritten notes and documents such as business cards and receipts. Once saved in your account, the scanned items will be available on any media where you have Evernote installed.

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