Artificial intelligence in 2022: the keys

Actualidad January 14, 2022

According to a survey by the consulting firm Accenture, companies that integrate artificial intelligence into their business model are expected to experience a 38% increase in profits by 2022. More than a third of growth, which is not at all trivial.

In this ZTalent SAP Hub blog post we will detail what the role of artificial intelligence will be in 2022. We will talk about some of the pitfalls to take into consideration for a correct application of this technology and what are the trends of artificial intelligence throughout this new fiscal year.

Artificial intelligence: its role in 2022

The keys to the relevance that artificial intelligence will gain throughout the new year can be summarized in two concepts: increased productivity and improvements in companies’ data. According to an article by Computer World, in which they have brought together several experts in the field, the most significant advances will come from there.

Regarding the first concept, the article states that the combination of human and artificial intelligence contributes and helps to work better, smarter, more efficiently and with fewer errors. This is due, first, to the fact that the possibilities of artificial intelligence are infinite and there is still much to be discovered. And secondly, because no sector has been spared its arrival. Almost every human activity has artificial intelligence making its work easier.

Regarding the second concept, artificial intelligence is a very useful and very necessary resource for handling the tons of data that companies generate day after day. The Computer World article states that patterns can be created that would otherwise remain hidden by the immense volume of information. Artificial intelligence will exponentially improve the performance of companies, but they will need to have the right professionals to handle it.

For its part, IBM Mexico, and more specifically its expert Baltazar Rodriguez, anticipates the five trends to which artificial intelligence will turn in this year 2022.

Artificial intelligence trends in 2022

1- Customer service

This area applies artificial intelligence to make customers get more specialized information and help. In fact, during the pandemic, virtual assistants became a fundamental tool for large companies, organizations and governments.

According to the IBM Mexico report we talked about earlier, by 2022 consumers will notice how interactions with these virtual assistants will become more personalized and fully materialized with their preferred retailers and service providers. Thus, artificial intelligence will have a greater impact on customer service.

2- Sustainable future

The environment is occupying an ever-increasing place on companies’ to-do lists. Both consumers and shareholders are demanding an increase in tangible sustainability benefits. Artificial intelligence will make this task easier in 2022.

To highlight some of the functions it will perform, we can mention an increase in measurement, data collection and carbon accounting or improvements in predictive and adaptive supply chain capabilities. Thanks to the collection of this data, containers will detect their contents and pallets will report if they end up in the wrong place.

3- Maximizing the potential of 5G

The complexity of telecommunications networks and the speed of change have made infrastructure management and control quite complex tasks. To advance the implementation of 5G connectivity worldwide, communications service providers are turning to artificial intelligence-driven automation and network orchestration. The goal is to improve network control and management to deliver faster customer experiences.

Innovations such as network slicing allow companies to set service levels for each device as it uses the network. New trends in artificial intelligence for 2022 have the potential to enable rapid network changes that optimize network performance and reliability with the application of Machine Learning. Thus helping communications service providers to deliver on the promise of 5G.

4- Reducing costs through prevention

In 2021, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) were tasked with enabling their workforce for remote work. They also had to manage new types of security issues and make sense of the explosion of data generated by modern applications. Not to mention monitoring solutions and the increasing use of digital channels. These conditions led to increased interest in applying artificial intelligence to better anticipate IT problems, leading to an area known as AIOps.

In 2022, AIOps will enable IT teams to diagnose problems quickly and confidently. This will free them from laborious and time-consuming tasks to focus on delivering greater value for the organization. AIOps will also allow these IT teams to identify patterns in the data to get ahead of problems before they happen.

5- Continued focus on security

For artificial intelligence to continue to advance security, companies and organizations need to make progress and build greater consumer confidence. The battle is taking place on several fronts. On the one hand, the ability to make artificial intelligence decisions understandable and explainable. On the other, reassuring consumers that their personal data is protected against cyber attacks.

As businesses and governments continue to invest in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence will play an even more crucial role in helping to identify and respond to cyber threats more efficiently while moving toward a “zero trust” approach to further reduce risks.

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