Copilot+: Innovation and Efficiency in AI

Blog May 30, 2024

Microsoft Copilot is a revolutionary tool that combines the power of the GPT-4 language model with the innovative capabilities of Microsoft and OpenAI. Designed to be a versatile assistant, Copilot offers a wide range of functions, from content generation to automatic translation.

In this Befree blog, we will explore what Copilot is, its modes of use, and the advanced features of its enhanced version, Copilot+.

What is Microsoft Copilot?

This virtual assistant is capable of understanding and communicating fluently in multiple languages, generating innovative content such as poems, stories, code, essays, songs, and more. Its versatility makes it ideal for various applications, including information retrieval, content creation, image generation, and text optimization.

Copilot offers three distinct modes: balanced, creative, and precise. Each of these modes has specific features designed to meet different needs:

  • Balanced: Combines accuracy and creativity for general use.
  • Creative: Ideal for tasks requiring a high degree of innovation and originality.
  • Precise: Focused on accuracy and reliability, perfect for tasks requiring detailed and correct information.

Copilot+: The Enhanced Version

Copilot+ is an advanced version of Microsoft Copilot, integrated into Windows 11. This update brings significant improvements that optimize the user experience and increase efficiency.

Key Features of Copilot+:

  • Image Quality Enhancement: Uses advanced image processing techniques to improve clarity and sharpness, which is especially useful for work with photographs or graphics.
  • Automatic Translations: An integrated feature that allows text translation between different languages, facilitating international communication and understanding of documents in other languages.
  • AI-Based Functions: Offers more advanced capabilities thanks to artificial intelligence, such as sophisticated code generation and more accurate responses.
  • Resource Optimization: Although it requires a powerful neural processing unit (NPU), its efficiency in resource use allows for improved performance.

Innovative Functions:

Copilot+ incorporates several novel functions that enhance its utility:

  • Recall: Allows the retrieval of relevant information from previous conversations, maintaining coherence and continuity in interactions.
  • Live Captions: Activates real-time subtitles for all audio content, improving accessibility and overcoming language barriers.
  • Auto Super Resolution: Automatically improves game resolution, providing a smoother and more detailed visual experience.
  • Cocreator in Paint: Allows image generation through AI from text prompts or doodles, facilitating artistic creation.

Requirements and Availability

To leverage Copilot+, a computer with an NPU of at least 45 TOPS of power is required. The first devices to integrate this capability will be those equipped with Qualcomm chips, available starting in 2024.


Microsoft Copilot and its enhanced version, Copilot+, represent a significant leap in the integration of artificial intelligence into our daily activities. With capabilities ranging from content generation to translation and image enhancement, these virtual assistants are designed to make our tasks more efficient and accessible. As technology advances, tools like Copilot+ will be essential to fully exploit the potential of artificial intelligence in all areas.

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