Four original technological gifts for Christmas

Four original technological gifts for Christmas

Actualidad December 2, 2022

The most magical time of the year is here. The most wonderful time of the year, as Andy Williams used to sing. Christmas approaches everyone’s homes with mountains of illusion and good and new intentions. And all of them usually materialize in the form of gifts.

At Befree we know that it’s getting harder and harder to find the perfect gift. That’s why we have searched the market to bring you four proposals of original technological gifts to fill your list of wishes to the Santa Claus. There is something for everyone, from sportsmen to nature lovers, in this blog post we show them all to you!

1.- Terrarium Keycaps: a bucolic touch for your keyboard

The first of the original technological gifts goes to all those people who spend much of the day typing. There are those who fell in love with the sober and effective designs of the keyboards of yesteryear. And there are also those who opt for chic and LED lighting. For the latter group, the Terrarium Keycaps are a fabulous option.

These are creative keycaps with miniature floral and jungle designs. Not only do the Terrarium Keycaps look adorable, but their manufacturing process is admirable: each of the keys is handcrafted. Thus, all of the small stones, granites of earth and details were placed by hand. And, as you can imagine, each key is unique.

We have found them at Drop, with an original cost of $44 but as of December 1st, reduced to $37.

2.- OneClock: a wake-up call backed by science

It’s hard to realize that a new day is starting thanks to an unbearable sound. Although smartphone alarms offer alternatives to the tedious beeping, their current range of options is not ideal either. To put an end to this eternal struggle in which we always lose, OneClock has arrived.

It is an analog alarm clock prepared with sounds backed by science to gently wake you up in a serene and natural way. OneClock moves away from beeps and offers a total of 20 musical pieces composed by multiple Grammy award-winning musicians. In addition, they are constructed with sustainable material, and feature a classic design that we have fallen in love with.

It can be purchased directly from the OneClock website, and is priced at $299.

3.- FORM: swim and nothing else

The third of the original technological gifts for Christmas will make you feel like you’re in a video game. If you’re a regular swimmer, you’ll know how much of a drag it is to watch the stopwatch to see your time. Or you’ll remember how many times you’ve forgotten how many lengths you’ve done.

That’s all over with Smart FORM Goggles. They are swimming goggles that shows information about your pace, time or performance in real time on their lenses. In addition, the mobile app comes with training programs designed by real experts, so you can forget about everything and focus on swimming!

The purchase can be made here, and includes a free one-year membership subscription to the app and a swim cap. The total amount is $240.

4.- Bird Buddy: create your own aviary reality show

We finish this list of proposals for original technological gifts with the favorite of this writer. Animal lovers always have the problem that it is very difficult to observe them in freedom without interrupting or scaring them. However, placing a hidden camera can help in the mission. Bird Buddy was born for this purpose.

Bird Buddy is the smart bird feeder that alerts you on your cell phone when you receive a winged visitor. The built-in camera automatically takes pictures of the birds that pass by, so you don’t need to keep an eye on your phone all day long. In addition, through the app itself you can organize the photos and share them with friends.

The price of Bird Buddy is $199, and you can buy it from its website.

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