Meta launches Threads, the Twitter alternative by Mark Zuckerberg

Actualidad July 5, 2023

Elon Musk‘s controversial decisions since he took control of Twitter have raised questions and dilemmas for Twitter users. Some are raising their voices in the sky but intend to change it from within. Others, however, are already looking for alternatives to the bluebird network.

One of them may be Threads, the Twitter alternative from Meta and Mark Zuckerberg. Just announced and released last Thursday in the United States, the application meets all the requirements to put up a fight against Musk and his new Twitter. In this Befree blog post we take a closer look at Threads.

What Threads, the Twitter alternative, will look like

Instagram’s new text-based conversation app, called Threads, will be available starting July 6, according to the description in Apple’s App Store. This platform is presented as a space where communities join in discussions on a variety of topics, from current interests to future trends. It allows you to follow favorite creators and connect directly with them and others with similar tastes, as well as share ideas, opinions and creativity with the world.

The design of Threads will resemble that of other microblogging applications such as Twitter. Users will be able to post messages, ‘like’, repost and share content, among other functionalities. By creating an account on Threads, they will be able to follow the same accounts they follow on Instagram, which will provide the app with a considerable user base from launch.

The meaning of its name says it all: Threads. Threads are a distinctive feature of Twitter, a social network that enjoys great popularity. Any event that takes place on Twitter has repercussions in the real world. From statements by politicians and celebrities, to the hot topics of the day. Even a simple comment can go viral and have a significant impact.

Musk’s controversial changes on Twitter

The changes made by the American tycoon since he took the reins of Twitter are not few. Moreover, each of these changes have brought days and weeks of debate, conversations and disputes on the Internet. One of them was the massive dismissal of managers and about 4,000 employees, or the delisting of the application from the stock market shortly after Musk came to power.

The controversy with verified accounts, subscriptions and Twitter Bule is also well known. Many verified accounts, including institutions and media, lost their blue tick and it was only recoverable if a monthly payment of 7$ was made. Eventually, the company came to its senses and returned the verified ones to important accounts.

The last one has been the imposition of a time limit on the reading of tweets. Only 800 tweets for accounts with a Twitter Blue subscription and just 400 for non-subscribed accounts. The update, hidden from Twitter employees by Musk, seeks to “address extreme levels of data theft and manipulation”.

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