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Outsourcing of resources: what it is and why it works

Actualidad September 2, 2022

Finding the right profile for a specific job is not always easy. In fact, it never is. Companies can’t afford to invest too much time and money in the recruitment process, so delegating functions ends up being the best way to go.

That’s where outsourcing of resources comes in. This is an increasingly widespread practice, and one that we here at Befree have mastered. In this blog post we explain what it consists of and the benefits of using it.

This is how outsourcing of resources works

In a nutshell, human resources outsourcing consists of delegating all personnel and payroll management tasks to a third party. The primary company’s workload is thus considerably reduced and it only has to focus on its core tasks, i.e. those that generate revenue and therefore profit.

However, not just any third party can handle the management of a company’s human resources. Putting all these important processes in someone else’s hands requires enormous prior reliability and trust.

Where does outsourcing of resources work?

Although there is no environment or sector where outsourcing of resources is surplus to requirements, it is clear that in some of them it works better and is more essential. One of these, for example, is in companies with systematized processes and clear objectives. Such processes do not require special personnel, but rather people willing to do the work and with the necessary concentration to carry it out.

Outsourcing these functions is not only feasible, but highly recommended. In this way, the company can focus more and better on its core and strategic activities. Some of the tasks that can be outsourced are personnel selection and training, marketing tasks or payroll and collection management.

Another environment where outsourcing is necessary is that of companies that need specialized profiles. One of the main advantages of outsourcing resources is specialization, since we can choose the profile most suited to very specific tasks. These are professionals who are more difficult to find and retain. It is common to find this type of need in companies with a strong technological component.

Some examples of functions that can be outsourced with great success are the programmer analyst, the systems operator or the SAP consultant. In general, any profile related to the IT world is easier to find by outsourcing resources, something we know perfectly well at Befree.

General advantages of outsourcing of resources

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, there are a series of benefits of outsourcing human resources that are common to most environments. These are obtained by carrying out a good outsourcing process, through specialized companies. The productivity of the company is improved since time is saved in management and tasks for which the company is not specialized.

Not only does it reduce time expenditure, but also economic expenditure. For example, training costs are reduced, and investment is better managed in general. Finally, you get a tool that enables the company to respond effectively to an urgent and timely need.

Outsourcing of resources at Befree

The world of work is moving towards freelancing, a model with more flexible arrangements and experts to help you with one-off tasks. According to Eurostats, more than 25% of workers in the EU are freelancers, and the trend continues to rise. At Befree we are experts in freelance contracting. Avoid any legal problems by outsourcing your resources through Befree.

Hiring an IT expert is a long and complicated process. Knowing the sector is an indispensable factor. Thanks to our extensive experience we know all the ins and outs and details like the back of our hand. We carry out your recruiting process so that you can focus on your core tasks. Talking to the IT consultants is our speciality, and we know what they need to feel comfortable working.

We work with the best job platforms: ZTalent, Infojobs, Glassdoor, Indeed, Eurojobs, JOIN… Our job is to centralize all the offers in one place. Our IT consultants have been evaluated and accepted by our recruiters. With Befree you will save yourself the time-consuming task of searching and finding the IT expert you need.

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