Overcome lack of SAP experience: how can you?

Actualidad May 26, 2023

It is common knowledge that the main barrier to entry into the labour market is lack of experience. Those enriching master’s degrees and courses will always lack the added bonus of having put them into practice. In the SAP freelance world, this is even more difficult.

We asked our most experienced SAP consultants for tips on how to counteract this problem. So, in this Befree blog post we offer you tips on how to overcome the lack of SAP experience.

1.- Build a network of contacts

To become a successful SAP consultant it is essential to build a solid network of contacts within the SAP community. Participate in SAP-related events, conferences and seminars. This will give you the opportunity to meet other consultants, experts and professionals in the field. Making meaningful connections in the industry can open doors and provide you with valuable recommendations.

According to a Deloitte report on the importance of professional networking, 85% of high-quality job opportunities are filled through contacts and referrals. By building a strong network of contacts, you increase your chances of accessing challenging and well-paid projects in the SAP consulting field.

2.- Acquire knowledge in related areas

Other tools can help you overcome your lack of SAP experience. Expand your knowledge in SAP-related areas, such as databases, ABAP programming or system integration. This will allow you to offer a more complete skill set and differentiate yourself from other candidates.

A study by research firm IDC shows that 78% of employers consider professionals with complementary technical skills to be more valuable and have greater opportunities for career growth. By having knowledge in related areas, you become a more complete and differentiated candidate, able to approach problems and challenges from a broader perspective.

3.- Undertake personal projects

If they don’t give you the opportunity, give it to yourself. Create a small SAP instance on your computer and work on practical scenarios. This will help you gain practical experience and demonstrate your initiative and passion for SAP.

You can also prepare a portfolio that highlights the projects you have worked on, even if they are personal or internship projects. Show the results achieved, the challenges faced and the solutions implemented. A strong portfolio can compensate for a lack of work experience. It demonstrates your initiative, passion for SAP and ability to apply your knowledge in real-world environments.

4.- Highlight your related skills

While you may lack specific SAP experience, highlight your related skills. Talk about your analytical skills, problem solving, communication skills or teamwork. These skills are valuable to an SAP consultant – don’t underestimate or dismiss them.

A McKinsey report revealed that 77% of companies consider soft skills, such as effective communication and teamwork, to be as important as technical skills in an employee. By highlighting your transferable skills, you demonstrate your ability to tackle complex challenges, communicate effectively with customers and work collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams.

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