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Keys to IT Leadership

Today’s Information Technology (IT) leaders face the constant challenge of adapting and evolving to remain relevant. Relevance in this context not only involves staying up-to-date with the latest trends but also leading with vision and strategy to ensure the long-term success of their organizations. In this article from Befree, we will explore the fundamental reasons […]

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Startups in Spain: Challenges and Opportunities

In the current era, the term “startup” has become a prominent player in the global business landscape. These emerging companies not only embody innovation and technology but also represent a bold spirit in facing challenges and creating disruptive solutions. In this Befree blog, we will explore the universe of startups, analyzing the challenges they face and […]

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Business transformation: synchronizing CEO and CIO

In the era of digital transformation, companies find themselves immersed in a highly competitive environment where adaptability and innovation are key to success. In this context, business strategy becomes the cornerstone for sustainable growth. In this Befree blog, we discuss the close collaboration between two strategic roles: the CEO and the CIO. Business strategy encompasses […]

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Conflict Resolution: strategies for a productive environment

Conflict resolution in the business sphere is a crucial component for the development and maintenance of a healthy and productive work environment. However, how these conflicts are managed largely determines the success and cohesion within the company. In this Befree blog, we will explore various strategies and approaches to effectively address and resolve conflicts in […]

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Why is it important to enhance workers’ skills?

Enhancing workers’ skills is essential for interacting with others, managing conflicts, leading projects, and generating ideas. The technology sector is one of the most dynamic and competitive in the current job market. To keep up with innovations and customer demands, companies need trained, motivated, and adaptable employees. But how can this be achieved? Today on […]

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