The future of information technology spending, AI, and its impact on businesses

Blog February 16, 2024

In the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), spending on Information Technology (IT) has become a crucial aspect for companies looking to stay competitive in an increasingly digitized market. But where is this spending heading, and how does it affect corporate workforces?

In Befree’s blog, we will explore the horizon of IT spending and its influence on the business realm.

The focus of IT spending towards AI satisfaction

IT spending is increasingly directed towards the development and implementation of AI solutions, as companies understand the strategic value of AI in:

  • Optimizing processes.
  • Improving decision-making.
  • Offering personalized experiences to customers.

Therefore, a significant portion of IT spending is allocated to data infrastructures, analytics tools, and machine learning systems that drive AI.

Impact on corporate workforces

This shift in IT spending has a direct impact on corporate workforces. As AI takes on routine and repetitive tasks, companies are expected to reorganize their teams and seek more specialized profiles in data analysis, algorithm development, and AI project management.

This may involve reallocating human resources, training employees in new skills, and in some cases, reducing personnel in redundant areas.

Priority investment in IT

In terms of investment, spending on cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, and Big Data solutions is expected to remain a priority. Cloud migration allows for greater flexibility and scalability, cybersecurity is essential for protecting data in an increasingly threatening digital environment, and finally, Big Data solutions are essential for harnessing the power of AI and extracting valuable insights from large volumes of data.

Most in-demand IT profiles

With the growing adoption of AI, the most in-demand IT profiles include data scientists, machine learning engineers, software developers specializing in AI, and cybersecurity experts. These professionals play a crucial role in the successful implementation of AI solutions and in protecting a company’s digital assets.

Most in-demand tech talent

Ultimately, the most in-demand tech talent remains those with strong skills in programming, data analysis, critical thinking, and problem-solving. The ability to quickly adapt to new technologies and work collaboratively is also increasingly valued in the IT job market.

In summary, IT spending is evolving to meet the demands of AI, which has a significant impact on corporate workforces and the most in-demand IT profiles. Companies that understand this dynamic and adapt to it will be better positioned to thrive in the digital economy of the future.

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