The salary of IT professionals in Spain grows by 20%

Actualidad March 3, 2023

Despite economic uncertainty and labour market challenges, the IT sector in Spain continues to grow. Specifically, the salary of IT professionals in Spain grows by 20% since last year. This is according to a recent PageGroup report.

In this Befree blog post, we’ll explore the details behind this growth, reflected in a considerable rise in the overall average salary of IT professionals in Spain.

Exponential growth

The PageGroup study organises Spain’s IT professionals into a total of seven groups. These are: infrastructure, systems and telco professionals, programming area, IT sales, ERP experts, cybersecurity professionals, Big Data and IT management. In turn, they recognise up to 36 different jobs in the technology area.

As we said at the beginning, the report shows that the average IT salary grew by 20%. In addition, they also indicate that recruitment in IT departments increased by 55%, making it one of the most in-demand sectors.

Regarding the areas that grew the most, the increase was specifically focused on the cloud, software and Big Data sectors. Finally, the profiles that experienced the highest salary increases were those of Devops engineers, software engineers and programmers. The three together account for 40% of global hiring. Their salaries can reach 65,000 euros after five years of experience.

Factors influencing the IT labour market

The increase in demand for IT professionals in Spain is largely due to the evolution of companies towards digitalisation. Íñigo Fernández, Executive Director of Technology by PageGroup in Spain, states that 90% of companies currently need IT profiles. In addition, Fernández points out that companies whose core business does not belong to the technology sector are the ones that have the most difficulties in attracting and retaining talent in this field.

Although money is still an important factor, candidates often value other aspects, such as stability, the size of projects or even emotional issues, when choosing between different job offers. Although the restructuring that the sector is undergoing will result in lower salary inflation than in previous years, there will be profiles that, due to their specialisation and scarcity, will continue to trend upwards. In short, the IT job market in Spain offers an opportunity for growth and professional development for those looking to work in a sector that is constantly evolving.

Growing demand and talent shortage

In Spain, the information technology sector is booming. The demand for professionals with digital skills is growing, especially in areas such as programming, data analysis, cybersecurity and mobile application development. However, the supply of skilled workers does not always meet this growing need, resulting in a talent shortage.

This imbalance between supply and demand, together with the consolidation of remote work by foreign companies, has led to intense competition for talent in the Spanish IT market. Startups are constantly looking for qualified professionals, while large technology multinationals are establishing themselves in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Valencia, turning Spain into a true technology hub. This has led to an increase in remuneration, as companies seek to attract and retain the best talent.

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