Vision Pro: Apple’s new smart glasses

Actualidad June 8, 2023

The technology market reaches newer and newer heights as time goes by. The latest to launch an original and groundbreaking device onto the market was Apple, which did so at its latest conference. Tim Cook was in charge of unveiling it: the Vision Pro.

These are smart glasses that promise to “change personal technology as we know it”, according to Apple. With an arrival date in Spain of 2024, in this post from the Befree blog we give all the details about the new Vision Pro.

“One more thing

With that phrase, Tim Cook introduced Apple’s new smart glasses. Visibly excited, Cook laid out the result of ten years’ work, which he says combines “the power of the Mac, the experience of the iPhone, the mobility of the Apple Watch and the design of AirPods Max”. All in one.

With an aesthetic based on ski goggles, the Vision Pro is transparent and allows the user to be aware of the world around them and blend into it, while also offering the ability to isolate themselves according to their preferences. This brings a new dimension to personal computing and redefines the way we interact with and leverage applications.

These glasses represent a paradigm shift in computing and provide a blank canvas for developers to create and bring their applications to this new device. With the Vision Pro, users can have a virtual canvas anywhere and interact with it using only their eyes, hands and voice.

Succeed or die

That seems to be the dichotomy facing Apple’s new Vision Pro. Developers are presented with a wealth of opportunities. But how do you bet big on something whose future is still a real unknown? If it delivers what it promises and revolutionises the market, it would be a coup to position itself at the forefront of development – but if it doesn’t, it could be a historic disaster.

The mass acceptance and adoption of Vision Pro is still a mystery. These glasses offer a unique and highly creative work experience, allowing users to explore new ways of interacting with the digital world. And for entertainment, they offer the ability to recreate an immersive cinematic experience in exceptional quality, even in 3D, thanks to a large virtual screen and immersive sound, all from the comfort of the home.

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