What are the most demanded digital profiles in Spain?

Actualidad March 17, 2023

We all know that the digital sector has not suffered so much from the pandemic. But what are the most demanded digital profiles in Spain?

Fundación Telefónica’s employment map outlines the digital employment scenario in Spain. In this post from the Befree blog we take a look at it.

A snapshot of the sector

The IT and digital sector in Spain is in full economic recovery after the pandemic. Investors are returning to invest in IT projects. The trend is very much upwards for the recruitment of all types of IT profiles. Cybersecurity is increasingly important and digitalisation is the way forward, which translates into a high demand for IT workers. In addition, remote or home-based working is becoming an increasingly common trend.

Competition for IT talent is a global reality and companies are in a brutal fight for senior programmers. Investment in IT is changing the market worldwide and this is translating into improved conditions for programmers.

While this can create problems in some countries where salaries are higher, in Spain, job opportunities are opening up for programmers, either in the form of opening an office in Spain and hiring employees, or hiring freelancers to work directly on international projects.

Most demanded digital profiles in Spain

The demand for digital professionals in Spain continues to rise, as confirmed by the latest data published by the Employment Map in March. In total, 91,639 job offers were registered in the digital sector in Spain, indicating a clear trend towards digital transformation in companies and organisations. Of all the offers published, there are five profiles that stand out above the rest in terms of labour demand.

Among the most sought-after profiles, software developer leads the list, with more than 16,500 vacancies available. It is an increasingly relevant profession due to the growing need for companies in all sectors to implement innovative technological solutions. In addition, the profile of ICT professional technician, with more than 9,400 vacancies, is also among the most sought-after.

Another profile that is in high demand is that of digital project manager, with more than 9,200 vacancies. This profile is key in the management of digital and technological projects, ensuring that projects are delivered in a timely manner, meeting the objectives and expectations of the client. On the other hand, the systems administrator profile, with almost 8,500 vacancies, is also among the most sought after due to the need to maintain and update IT systems in companies.

Finally, the ICT consultant profile, with around 8,000 job offers, is also a profile in great demand in the labour market. This profile focuses on providing technological solutions to companies and organisations, advising them on how to implement best practices and strategies to improve their performance. In summary, the demand for digital professionals continues to increase in Spain, especially in the profiles mentioned above.

Teleworking and areas

Regarding teleworking, the Employment Map also reveals that more than a third of job offers for digital profiles in Spain offer the possibility of working remotely. The software developer profile leads the list of jobs with the most telecommuting opportunities, followed by ICT consultants and system administrators.

In addition, the Employment Map identifies the regions with the highest demand for digital professionals. The ranking, unsurprisingly, is led by the Community of Madrid, with a total of 25,335 job offers published. The second autonomous community with the most job offers is Catalonia, with 14,137. Finally, the third in discord is the Valencian Community, with nearly 4,500 digital vacancies.

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