What were the most searched words on Google in 2022?

What were the most searched words on Google in 2022?

Actualidad December 16, 2022

The end of the year 2022 is approaching, and with it the balances and summaries of this course that we are about to leave behind. Some companies have begun to show the annual data of their users, such as Spotify or YouTube, which show each person which songs and videos were the most listened to and played.

In this trend we must add Google, who has been showing for years what were the most searched words. The year 2022 was no exception. So, in this Befree blog post we take a look at the list of the most searched words on Google this year.

Year in search: what is Google’s year in review?

The American company, leader in Internet search engines, offers every year the list of the most searched words. It does so, moreover, both organized by country and worldwide. It is true that the list of the most searched words on Google that attracts the most attention is the general one, but it is also interesting to discover what our compatriots have asked themselves.

The Year in Search summary has been published for more than 20 years. Its debut was in 2001, and according to Google itself, it was originally an internal project. Eventually, it was discussed and became the public report we all know today. In addition, a small video of about two minutes with the most striking images of the year was incorporated.

The compilation, Google explains, is not only geared toward curious users, but has other, more useful overtones. “Users, including those working in marketing or media, will find interesting stories and better understand the events, people and moments of a given year.” This is how Google explains it. You can check this year’s Year in search by clicking here.

Hobbies, historical moments and countries

In the top 5 most common searches around the world we find the most varied terms. First of all, the list is headed by the well-known game that swept the world since the beginning of 2022: ‘Wordle‘. In our blog we have already dedicated a post to this pastime, which was so successful that even The New York Times bought its rights and included the game on its website.

The word ‘Ukraine‘ also appears in the list. The war between this country and Russia has dominated the front pages and summaries of newspapers and news programs around the world. Also, the fact that it was one of the first wars broadcast in real time, with photos and videos of the soldiers themselves on social networks, facilitated access to information about it. And this, of course, is reflected in this year’s Year in Search.

One step below Ukraine is ‘Queen Elizabeth‘. The death of the legendary Queen of England shocked the world, and was reflected in Google searches. Moreover, as there was a gap of several hours between the news of her ill health and her death, the world typed this term numerous times into Google.

List of the most searched words in Google in 2022 at World level

  1. Wordle
  2. India vs England
  3. Ukraine
  4. Queen Elizabeth
  5. India vs SA

Sport and international politics

For their part, Google searches in Spain follow a similar line to searches worldwide. Both Wordle and Ukraine appear in the top five positions. In fact, they are in first and second place respectively. However, new developments appear next.

In third place on the list is the term ‘Eurobasket‘. Last summer, the most important European tournament of the old continent took place, to which the Spanish national team did not arrive as one of the favorites. However, their determination, quality and the mix of youth and experience made the national team win the tournament. The feat made many citizens interested in the tournament, which has been reflected in Internet searches.

But that’s not the end of the sporting story. 2022 has also been a key year in Spanish men’s tennis, where the promising Carlos Alcaraz became a star and won the US Open, as well as being number 1 in the world ranking. Even so, a classic like Rafael Nadal is the fourth most searched term, thanks to his eternal victories at Roland Garros and his physical problems that prevented him from reaching higher heights this season.

List of most searched words in Google in 2022 in Spain

  1. Wordle
  2. Ukraine
  3. Eurobasket
  4. Rafael Nadal
  5. Russia

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