Windows Recall: Innovation for Windows 11

Actualidad June 13, 2024

During the recent Copilot+PC launch event, Microsoft unveiled a series of innovations that will be integral to future devices running Windows 11. Among the new features, Windows Recall has captured the attention of the press and users, generating considerable debate since its announcement.

In the Befree blog, we discuss this tool, exclusive to Copilot+ devices, which promises to revolutionize how users interact with their digital information.

What is Windows Recall?

Windows Recall is an innovative feature that allows users to quickly and efficiently find any content they have previously viewed on their PC. This tool creates a visual timeline by periodically capturing screenshots of the user’s screen. These images are encrypted and stored locally on the device, ensuring data security and privacy.

How Windows Recall Works

The system operates in the background, capturing and categorizing everything that happens on the computer without interrupting the user experience. It uses advanced AI capabilities and the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to process and analyze the recorded content, reducing latency and improving efficiency. An icon in the taskbar indicates that the feature is active, though the process is practically imperceptible to the user.

Privacy and Performance

Privacy is a crucial aspect of Windows Recall. Microsoft ensures that all snapshots are completely private and not used to train AI on Copilot+ PCs. The data is securely stored on the device and not uploaded to the cloud. Additionally, users have full control over what information is saved, being able to disable snapshots, pause the process, or filter sensitive applications and websites. Encryption with BitLocker and Device Protection ensures information security.

Utilities and Searches

Windows Recall allows advanced searches using natural language, making it easy to quickly find any information without needing to remember exact search terms. Searches can include exact matches, close matches, or related content, offering unprecedented flexibility in managing personal information.

Release Date

The preview version of Windows Recall will be available for Copilot+ PCs starting June 18. This tool, described as a virtual and private “photographic memory,” promises to transform how users interact with their devices, combining efficiency and security in one package.

In conclusion, Windows Recall is shaping up to be one of the most innovative features of Windows 11, exclusively for Copilot+ PCs. Its ability to securely and privately capture and categorize visual information offers users a powerful tool for efficiently managing and finding information. Microsoft has taken significant steps to ensure that privacy and performance are not compromised, making Windows Recall a valuable addition for any user looking to enhance their digital productivity. With its release, it remains to be seen how this technology will impact how we interact with our personal devices.

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